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education and moral education and the move to replacing it. things like self-esteem programs, various therapeutic approaches that we have tried and true methods of the civilizing voice. it's through good sportsmanship they can get from their coaches and the kind of moral guidance from parents with them reinforced by teachers. and i just find these have moved away from that. the second problem, and their problems would go, too comer i believe now belize has become second-class citizens in our schools. and their problems are severe severely neglected. a young man as far this likely to go to his college and his sister. you look across the ethnic groups and racial groups and socioeconomic groups and you find that the blaze are behind their female counterparts. they are far less literate. the average 15-year-old boy has their writing skills of the 13-year-old girl reading about a year and a half behind her, and most importantly they like schools a lot less, they are disengaged. there may have been a time when this wasn't a big problem. we had an economy could get a high school degree and m
there's a decline of characteristic education and moral education, a kind of a move to replacing it with things like self-est teem programs or various therapeutic approaches. and we have a tried and true method of civilizing boys. through, you know, good sports manship they can get from coaches and a moral guidance, certainly from parents, most of all the from parent. but from teachers. and i think we have moved away from that. the second problem with boys, and there are problems with girls too. right now i'm talking about the boys. i believe now boys have become second-class citizens in our school, and their problems are severely neglected. a young man today is farless likely to go college than his sister. you look at across all ethic groups and racial groups and socioeconomic groups and you find the boys are behind their female counter parts. they are farless literate. he's reeding about a year and a half behind the 13-year-old girl. most importantly they like school less than girls. they are less engaged. there may have been a time where it wasn't a big problem. you could get
in higher education options. the ceo of linkedin and twitter discuss their philosophies followed by a look at the 20th century first ladies from edith roosevelt to roslyn carter. a look next at higher education with sebastian front, founder and ceo of a for-profit educational organization offering online courses. he sat down with gavin newsom for a conversation at the annual techcrunch conference. this is just over 20 minutes. [applause] >> welcome. >> thank you. we asked a number of university presidents to come old world of the education on stage today. and they all said no. why do you think that is? is an interesting time for higher education to understand where we are going. i would love to see more experimentation, people trying new things. there is another language in the state of california that the old model is the only model out. given that it is the 21st century and a new technology, it is time to do something new. >> i serve on the system board of trustees and the problem for us is our success. consequence, our willingness to dramatically change our behavior. we have been debati
at idea and a majority of israeli individuals, and there are two factors, the israeli education system, which i write about extensively, educating them to become good soldiers because all of the men age 18 have to participate in the domination and control in the second is the army and as the occupation defense, so does this as well and just a final anecdote. and i walked around central jerusalem and i talked about people, i talked and sat with them about three jewish high schoolers were very well spoken and friendly and instead of having like ed classes, having classes about some classes in the context of ed and the danger of this because a virtual but going to be stolen and killed and make them savages. and this is also happening in israeli education. i wanted to go into it and interviewing israeli principles to talk about that. >> it has been suggested that i asked the last question. and let's not look at the next five to 10 years. let's talk about the next 30 to 50 years. this is all that we may expect in the arab world. and is it possible the state of israel will simply find the pr
, i would ask if the educators here would stand so we may honor how properly for the work you do. [applause] >> and i want to be shoe you are properly recognized. the head of my children's school is here, along with two of her colleagues. i don't know why you're hiding. that being said, welcome to you both. we're so very happy to see you. you are probably happy to be seen, right? i cannot forget that it was a week -- a year ago a sweet -- a year ago this week that these terrible events occurred. it seems like a long time to ago, does it not? or does it? >> um, i don't feel really that something has happened to me. when i think of malala, in my mind there's some pictures on a stretcher and forhead is bleeding, ears bleeding. i don't think that's me because i am feeling that i'm just a normal girl and i'm feeling now really powerful because after that incident, the praise of people and the good wishes of people and the card that people have sent me, and their prayers that have made me more powerful. so, i'm really happy now, and i don't feel like i was shot once. >> one of the thin
punishment in 20. ve at 7gton journal" li a.m. eastern on c-span. >> discusses higher education, followed by the first lady series looking at the life and times of roslyn carter. >> the outgoing chair of the federal reserve, ben bernanke delivered a speech today and fill it a beta, called the -- philadelphia. it will begin a purchasing program known as qualitative easing. the senate will have a boat on .hairman -- a vote chairman bernanke's remarks are about 35 minutes. >> thank you. thank you bill. asless than a month, my term their chairman will and. needless to say, my time has been an eventful. i thought it would be appropriate to reflect on some of the competence of the past eight years as will some of the incomplete tasks. i will cover the federal reserve's commitment to transparency and accountability, financial stability and financial reform, and monetary policy. i will close by discussing prospects for the u.s. and global economies. fostering transparency and accountability at the federal reserve was one of my principal objectives when i became chairman in february of 2
partners new to me to expand conservatism education at the eco center and i'm excited to learn be from the bay hunters community and a build that the community effort. this proposal reflects existing the working relationships with the port of san francisco and it represents the combined expertise of two fine programs along with san francisco waterfront thank you very much for your time and good luck with our decision. (calling names) >> good afternoon. my name is clem ma i'm the director at the city college and a full-time faculty member marry conditional has been involved in existence 2012 actually we've been involved in the park since the beginning and i remember i brought students there i made a key to the plans of the park and it was all innovative plants. i'm going every semester. the invasive planning plants are not there i forgot because i've nervous but i want to thank you so much for making this going into a park peculiar the students are not the people who can afford to go to yosemite. no one bangs the park and they see the heroin iron take off and it's a real experience for
this point i want to come back to it, and you mentioned education at you mentioned charter schools. the issue of education i believe also is a civil rights agenda. here's something that's interesting. when we talk about what happens with education, if you look at the numbers of those who are failed, they are largely black and to spend. in terms of the numbers, look at schools, where they are located. yet those parents are saying i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of these failing schools. yet when you have folks who come in and begin to say okay, you were on steve perry last night, one of the folks at the when it comes to education reform, when he's talking about charter schools, which are public schools, when you begin to talk about vouchers, when you begin to talk about online, i'll give you an example that to me is problematic. indelibly, i won't name the legislator, but it was a group of folks, they had an online charter school. this legislator opposed it. came on my radio show in chicago and i said question, have you talked to any of the parents of the kids to go to the online ch
don't to have come up in this order, the presses of the san francisco board of education rachel norton. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is beatrice did -- duncan and a senior citizen and advocate for healthy living and wellness. as a member of two communities of color. i find this report timely, important and essential. scientific research data. which i hope will be able to contradict the current misinformation that has been printed in the written media. as the report indicates, the connection that sugar sweetened beverages has to chronic disease such as obesity and diabetes, seeing this increase amongst adults, children and youth, as a grandmother and great grandmother, i find this quite frightening. it is therefore that the current discussions that are taking place and i am thankful to be part of a stake holders such as shape up san francisco. the medical entities present here, the community activist that have worked so unselfishly on this issue. regardless on the critical subjects taken place by perhaps the other side of the fence. i think that this is very important and i h
of education and the chief of early education and that we sent to us beforehand and we will approve them as a group. is there anything more that you want to say about that? >> that is correct. and also, that would be handled in the same way and there will be consultation with the board of supervisors. >> thank you. on the other one which is the cpac appointments and i take it that you saw what the one thing that was not there, is that the folks that are on there are not getting off on timeds and some of 2014, and 150 and so the result was that we had a staff recommendation, that was very similar to the one that we brought forward and discussed and we are going to vote on is that all of the commissioners will be assigned a member of qtea, and that is going to happen randomly by lottery and when those folks go off we will be able to make the appointments individually and add the superintendents and we considered the ones that you had recommended and because the folks were not going off at different times it was not something that we thought was viable. and so i am happy to answer any quest
>> closing america's education gap - what works and why, in "i got schooled" director m. night shyamalan says there are five things that make the difference. >> no robot teachers, leadership, feedback, small schools, extended time. >> plus, director m. night shyamalan talks to us about his latest project and the directors he most admires. >> they are three of my gods. >> when people here that m. night shyamalan wrote a book, i bet they think it's about how to make a suspense film or how to be a director or your life as a director. then they pick it up and it's about public education. that's got to get people's mouths again when they find out about this. >> i tried hard in the book to explain that this is from someone that knows nothing about education and that is what the journey was about, can someone who knows nothing about education learn what does and education. >> i remember a few years ago talking to you casual aoutside a news environment and you talked about this. >> yes >> that was the genesis. you had small conversations with different groups of people and they were more formalised,
enthusiasm for education. more than two-thirds of elementary and junior high school students attend schools and other private institutions. government officials are combining this national obsession with another korean strength, information technology. they're building a new education system using i.t. in the hope it will give young people an edge in the future. nhk world reports. >> reporter: a new fast developing city in south korea's central region. the school boasts traditional education system. teachers and students use state-of-the-art digital technology in the classrooms. the school provides free tablet computers to all students from the fourth to sixth grades. the tablets are linked by a crown computing to touch printouts. the school says the system makes learning faster and fun. teachers can use a panel to display the students' answers or to bounce questions back to the class. >> translator: matthewsed to be hard. now it's fun. >> the technology helps teachers assess how well students are grasping the lesson. teachers frequently check her students' comprehension by e-mail. she can
there. i value the experiences they've had and knowledge gained from the expired education provided by the professors and students at the clinical college. i hope that you will take my support into consideration >> i'm elaine johnson i'm the director of bio link the advance center funded by national science foundation we provide technical support. we've been house defense attorneys at the continually of san francisco since 998 and have been developing skills based programs for our students where they could get wonderful jobs. many of our students have come from the bayview hirpts point area and have been working in a variety of life science careers one has a job at the man technical and has started a girl's club. beef about that very, very excited about the possibilities of adding certificates and stackable credential were with that in mind last year we were part of receiving a $2 million portion of a 15 million take grant it stand for community career training by the department of labor. with that funding we were creating an environmental monitoring certificate and have been worki
forward we want to be able to make sure that we are educated in making sure that there are policies in place to make a difference. >> i have seen different groups come to black civil rights organizations and say -- stand with us on civil rights, get when we turn around and see issues very specific to african- americans, those same folks are not standing with us. to get ae be able broad group across the country to understand that you cannot simply look at civil rights based upon your perspective, but if you want folks to stand with stand withst also us. >> that is absolutely a challenge. you know that there are issues and segments, going back to answer the first question, i think about the civil rights movement of today, that is looking at any policy, profiling , or oppression. if you are determined that those things are wrong, everyone should be involved in addressing those issues. so often you see race becoming a major issue when people separate around things that they know are wrong. we hear people talking about what happened to trayvon martin. although many people knew what happe
on education and human rights they did on north carolina because true the vote was a big presence there and it got a lot of poor people, and people of color purged from the rolls. dead people, too. let's move on, there is going to be other opportunities to ask questions. 46 mil million people are tea party sympathizer. and they attack women's reproductive rights. a lot of women happen to not like the transvaginal probes. and terry collins wasn't a perfect candidate by any stretch. but the women in virginia were turned off by the transvaginal probe business for abortion by this. so the race was lost because of that. tea party supporters in congress were slow to support the violence against women act. another part of the war against women. and the anti-immigration bill that was passed in arizona. the same state where the governor pointed on the tarmac and i will not get into the level of disrespect the level the president is subjected to -- i know bush got it, too, but if you are going to disagree, have a respect for the office. bush was my president to. i respected the office. a lo
is the board of education approve and support the actions necessary to implement the recommendations of the superintendent to adopt the additional study for the students enrolled in the court and the county programs and delay the implementation of the course sequence for continuation schools for the class of 2014, and 2015 and further clarifies clang it appears that i do not have any public speakers for this item and so we will move on to questions and comments from the board. and anybody want to go first? >> mr. haney i see you, yeah? you seem to be inching toward your button. and so this was different than what was presented to us at the committee of the whole and so you can tell us about how this decision was come to. >> and so, upon, listening to the board members of the committee of the whole, and having a meeting with the new graduation requirements and the task force, that miss williams referred to, and she is on that and the pac, and then, the other members of the task force, including coldman advocate and it was determined that there were two modifications to the policy from
and the midwest. in our signature segment, how music education is beginning inner city education an am determinic head start. >> the idea was never to make musicians. the idea was to build highly functioning responsible citizens. >> and our obsession with keeping track of ourselves. next on pbs "the newshour weekend." >> pbs "the newshour weekend" is made possible by judy and josh westin, joyce b. hale, the wallick family, the cheryl and philip milstein family, roslyn p. walter. corporate funding is provided by mutual of america, designing cust 'cause customized, individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. additional support is provided by and by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like this you. thank you. from the tish wnet studios, hari sreenivasan. >> good evening, thank you for joining us, what the weather channel is describing as lows of minus 25 are expect in minneapolis, minus 22 in north dakds, minus 8 in kansas city and minus 7 in st. louis. it is going to be accompanied by strong winds ma
have done. they have developed a guide for a study session for the boards of education. and so, i think that we should do that and figure out where, either we schedule the budget committee and augmented when everybody is available and everybody will come, or we have it as a committee as a whole or a regular board meeting. we went over the structure of how the money is distributed but not so much, how we planned to spend it. and i think that one of the biggest things that we need to do because we already you know, for instance, we are not going to as the superintendent said that we are not going to sit down and develop a whole different structure or process for community input like for everybody other community in the state is doing that, we do have to monitor how the structure we have already is being effective in that regard, do they have the right materials and are they talking about what is going to go into the el cap which we don't know, how could they so far. i think that we have some beginning steps, but we should think specifically plan something about what the step is. >>
with another korean strength, information technology. they are building a new education system using i.t. in the hope it will give young people an edge in the future. nhk world reports. >> reporter: sejong is a new fast-developing city in south korea's central region. this elementary school boasts an education system. childrens and student use state of the art digital technology in the classrooms. the school provides free tablet computers to all students in the first to sixth grades. the tablets are linked by a cloud computing. the school says the system makes learning faster and fun. teachers can use the panels to display the students' answers or to bounce questions back to the class. >> translator: mathewsed to be hard, now it's fun. >> reporter: the technology helps teachers assess how well students are grasping the lesson. she frequently checks students' comprehension by e-mail. she can plot their responses on charts. >> translator: some students struggled with math, but now the lessons interest them, and their concentration has improved. >> reporter: children in big cities can imp
of the herself responses park. i do so because i believe in the power of viral education. in its capacity to enlighten and grandparent and give us up to this point. i believe that the aquarium and the bay institute and city college of san francisco has the expertise, the resources necessary in order to use this amazing resource eco center at the her responses park and give the great science education to the people in east eastern san francisco. during the program i've worked tirelessly to increase our presence by working with our close relationship with the school district and other inform institutions to provide teachers and family event focusing on science and sponsoring classrooms to have live trout in their classrooms an amazing program run by the wife horrify wildlife. we'll continue to provide this to neighborhoods that have been denied access to it. (calling names). so arcadia then margaret >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm martha and i'm the faculty in the graduate department at the john fy censured institute we're in support of the conditional san francisco proposal. one of
at higher education. sebastian thrun is the founder and ceo of massive open on my choruses or moocs. he's also the developer grupo class. he sat down for a conversation at the annual techcrunch conference in san francisco. this is about 20 minutes. ♪ >> welcome. >> thank you. >> we asked a number of university presidents to come and represent the old world of education on page today. they all said mel. sebastian, why do you embed this? >> i think it is an interesting time for higher education to understand. what i would like to see is much more experimentation. in the state of california it is a great model. i've nothing against faith to faith education. >> i serve on the use the board of regents, the california state university system board of trustees. the problem for us is our success. as a consequence i'm going to dramatically change our behavior. so we've been debating about the new crisis is not the lack of state support for higher education. that is then subsidies. crisis is an overused word. nonetheless, we've cut, for example in the last 18 months you see budget and the cu at
, celebratio we are now on item m, other educational issues, of which there are none. to evening. and item n, consent calendar resolutions removed, at a previous meeting, there are none this evening. item o, vote on consent calendar. roll call please? >> okay, thank you, miss fewer? >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> thank you. >> miss maufas. >> yes, abstain on k50. >> thank you. >> miss mendoza mcdonald. >> consent calendar? >> okay. yes, except on all of the delinquent kresolutions, k3, k, 5, k6, k11, k12, k13, k16, k17, k18, k39, and k41, a high number staff of retroactive resolutions. >> commissions you have those written down. >> 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 39 and 41. thank you >> and those are all nayvotes. >> correct. >> dr. murase? >> aye. >> thank you. >> and miss wynns? >> aye. and miss norton? >> yes, except abstain on 1, 312-10 b4. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right, we are now on item p, consent calendar resolutions severed for board discussion, there are none, this evening. >> item q, may i hear a motion and a second please on 1312-10 sp 1 and endorsement of creating a
an outside consultant perform the report and bring it to the board of education for passage and review. and so this is an annual event. and just as a brief summary, you may remember historically in the last five years, our developer fee collection was low because the economic climate of both the nation and the world was wo ful. it is a good indication, for both the school districts and i think, the city and san francisco, in general. that last year, we went from a collection of two million dollars, to a little over 9 million dollars. which, i think, speaks very well to the health of our city and the work that is being done, and the many developers who were processing the permits throughout the city and hopefully that will continue and that bodes well for us to be able to do a lot of the kind of projects that we are doing, particularly last year and doing a lot of work to build on ex-expanding the programs of the special education department and the early learning department and a lot of work at elementary schools like heart and the er taylor that have long been demanding more work. and
of creating a world class and city wide arts education center to be located in the center of the civic center artistic hub at the 135 van ness block site to continue the support of the goal of equity and access for arts education for every student >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. >> this item, will be referred to a committee of the whole meeting, in january. >> mr. superintendent. >> i would like to point out that this continues the theme of the effective use of our properties. >> thank you, mr. superintendent. >> okay, we are on item r, board members' proposals for first reading. i am going to... >> no there was no, yeah. and okay, so i am going to do the quick ones first and then there are several that we are going to ask for the votes to sus spend the rules. so, may i hear a motion and a second on in support of a surgery befrage tax in san francisco? >> may i hear a motion and a second for in support of a sugary beverage tax in san francisco? co-sponsors? >> so moved. >> thank you. >> yes, he did. >> and with a little prodding he did. okay. and then, what committee will that go to? >>
in education will not stick in the future. aljazeera's jane ferguson takes us to a school in kandahar city that was long considered a success and is now facing closure. >> it's a place offering more than these girls know, a quality education in real tangible skills, a path away from positivity and early marriage and towards university and a career. since 2002, the modern stud has been teaching women languages, like management and computer skills. that they are skills that speak of ambition which in the heart of tallle ban country is remarkable. >> we are a unique school, preparing women to go to jobs. our school is preparing women to go to universities. joining us from san francisco is valerie frame, author of a book. >> i want to start with serious questions, your work at the c.i.a. and global zero and in the novel have connections to iran. the number of countries that have nuclear weapons has grown since you left the c.i.a. are you hopeful that proliferation will stop? >> i am hopeful. i think more nations realise nuclear weapons belong in the dust bin history, that they no longer provid
isolate ace science and technology can help to mitigate the house. ok that education is very important it's unique in elkhart epo ways that make a case that you are spending and and the parvati have to go through education. so olive almond and actually for that but the question a very important question. he just raised is how can we have the international cooperation so as you may have another director for taiwan has been assistant in at two we form of michael cook oh one as a model increases actually planned to study full of great upstream like cars that today they said that option open to the social science the impact and so i've seen that's very important operation to oust info has upped the solution. at any time and also in olive for the catastrophe as quick snack every country has the experience. so that's not enough money is important the concept i was commodities also a main focal pope asked to model and which sees that unesco can i say send it to the might get a recognition that week's why are they afraid to be the mentor and i mean that government bought i'm just trying to show t
; the 16-year old who's captured the world stage to promote girls' education. plus, radio performances by the beatles before beatle-mania. >> sreenivasan: a new state law takes effect in colorado today, making it the first state to let anyone over 21 walk into a shop and legally buy recreational marijuana. they lined up in denver today, for the state's first legal sales of recreational marijuana. the first customer at the 3-d cannabis center was sean azzariti, an iraq war veteran. he appeared in a tv ad last year, saying pot would alleviate his post-traumatic stress disorder. >> i couldn't be happier. it's a huge stepping stone for other states as well. it's a huge honor, to say the least. i'm the first person ever to do >> sreenivasan: colorado voters approved recreational marijuana on a ballot initiative in 2012. opponents argued the industry will lead to an increase in drug abuse and crime. but legalization advocates say sales will help generate revenue. >> i'm confident that these businesses will perform and will be good examples of how we can regulate marijuana. under the law, buy
of chicago so i am accustomed to how zealous the students are when it comes to their education and i also sympathize with the faculty and that you probably don't get as much research as you want to get done. i have people in my hours -- office after hours. i want to complement the faculty and the job you do. let me get started with this. the tea party and reaction to her -- "change they can't believe in." at i have a colleague that co-authored with me mad or read though. i love mad but i did 95% of the book and that is why my name is first. if you have any questions ask me because he doesn't know. [laughter] all right, so let me tell you what motivated the tea party. i ran a survey at the university of washington i get tired of the same all-american national questions. i like the general social survey little more but i kind of want to do my own thing. i threw together a survey into matt's credit matt said whites and their question on their property party? i said this is january 2010. i'm like, all right so i threw question in there about the tea party. one day i'm sitting down with my lit
are now on item b, presentations from the board of education from our spurpt, mr. carranza. >> thank you, president norton and good evening, everyone. i have a few thoughts to share this evening with everyone here, present, and at home. first and foremost, i hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and a nice thanksgiving, but for this evening, as many of us know, many of the jobs in this country are being created faster than they can be filled and more than 50 percent of all future math and science occupations will likely be in computing occupations but fewer than 3 percent of students graduate with a degree in computer science, here in the unified school district, we know this and we take the lead to help the students in science and engineering and math and what we call the stem and we add the arts to our work, which we call steam. and we have a thriving career, this week we are celebrating the science and education week in an hour of code and many of the high school computer classes are opened to drop in and learn the science and computer programming for science. the hour of te
. how smart phones are helping doctors diagnose patients. and high tech education, a computer lab bi small enough tot in a backpack. and you one day might live in space. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> this is "real money," and you are the most important part of the show. join our live conversation on the next on twitter, facebook. for the next half hour we're going to showcase entrepreneurs and innovators who are trying to make an impact on middle class families. engineers believe better healthcare lies with something that is in your pocket right now, a smart phone. a diagnosis of an ear infection could be using your phone as a mobile m.d. >> reporter: this is an scope attached to his iphone. this is what he uses to look in your easier. >> now you have my eardrums. >> reporter: douglas predicts there will be a day when parents will send videos like this to their doctor for diagnoses. >> we're taking the most common tool and turning it into a medical tool to meet important needs. >> reporter: doctors engineers and entrepreneurs gather to show off the
see this going over the next five years? the first is education. not just primary reform. it will take a generation to improve. not want an antiquated system teaching kids to be ready for the jobs that once were rather than the jobs there are. things like the adaptive learning platforms. would love to see greater focus on vocational training. jobs that exist today. if we can do a better job making sure the current workforce is better trained to take the job that exist, a lot of retail jobs have been at it for the past several years. if we can end the job through , i thinkl training that could have a medium-term impact. immigration reform is critical. and as a this country i amt most importantly familiar with this to some degree, obviously. >> i do not think integrated reform is one thing or another. there are millions of people who were born in this country who are working hard and trying to figure it out. and then you have situations where people in silicon valley speak about the jobs referenced earlier. jobs with significant skills required, they are not being filled because the bar
of education reported rates of up to 95%. so surely the real problem is not access, but the quality of the work in the career advice young people are being given. government describes work experience by substantial, challenging an event to the young person study programmer career inspiration. what many of us, including those who are in favor of this motion must concede that once or twice we've been on the receiving end of miserably inadequate work experience. i believe for this reason that 47,620 young people of this united kingdom spoke out this year. they are fed up and i want to see real change. solutions to deep-rooted problems that this campaign will not even begin to address. this is only 17 to 18-year-olds. what about the 11-year-old girl and 12 through orender constituencies? one week bad days, making tea and coffee. [cheers and applause] said, we need a campaign worthy of the books of history or page on wikipedia. imagine a youth employment with one of the biggest changes of democracy in three generations, when the campaigns are cause for curriculum to prepare for life, one that stands
their local schools from closing and creating a network of educational resources and the surrounding income neighborhoods. the response was to ignore us said the organizer. we had our problems with mayor daley that he surrounded himself with people and he himself was a neighborhood person. this man, rahm emanuel surrounded himself with corporate people. the administration is doing the bidding of the corporations and robbing us of the things our parents fought for. so that is to set up the battle line a little bit. so now i want to introduce the panelists who have been kind of at the forefront even before mayor emmanuel but the struggles that have taken center stage since he took office. brandon johnson is a teacher in organizer and community activist with the chicago teachers union. [cheering] [applause] and amisha patel as with the grassroots collaborative and take back chicago movement. [applause] and ben joravsky is with the chicago reader. [applause] we will hear first from you. >> thank you for your intellect and bravery around this topic. let me say because the mayor of chicago is alw
48 and conditional has provided educate program there are as a subcontractor to the listcy for environmental justice. the other proposal was submitted but the a randall institute. apr i is a bay view nonprofit who's mission to promote education and employment and other opportunity for protecting community. earlier this year apr i helped us to get the word out about green ageers is 9 and 10 and other graders who operate in partnership with the rec and park department. last year was the. was the first year and we had 12 green ageers who participate in this program due to their interest in community service and environmental issues. this year with the help of apr u 6 of the ageers learned of the opportunity through apr i. additionally as proofed by the port commission in august apr i is a intaushth to the youth employment contract. both proposalser will be presenting their highlight. i want to sigh this is for the commission and a publics information only. it's not part of the elevation process. the port condone a panel of 4 individuals with expertise in environmental program
. we want to take the building blocks and there the programming forethe viral education focusing on that community. first and a for mothering most we know it's important to engage the community to get involved with the eco center. first off the staff we plan on hiring are representatives of south east san francisco. they're from district then 10 so staff will be representative of that town. we're bam began to build a community member organization they'll help us to make the decisions. we want the community to be very involved in the decision making. we've also engaged any community presenters to be involved with future programming at the site and a future use of the eco center and finally, we'll be recruiting allocates person to have community representative e recommendation within our organization. i want to talk about the different programs we plan to provide at the eco center and talk about the diversity of audience we want to reach. we want to talk about the casual visitor. there are programs that are already existing tours and the eco center is open we want to continue to bu
on buildings, athletic facilities and a host of educational facilities and programs. willard garvey to the service above self model too hard and whether you agreed or disagreed with him, i think there's a lesson in there all for us. take you for your opportunities become and thank you for the interest in this book. [applause] >> don't waive those fingers. does anybody have any questions backs don't waive those fingers at me. [laughter] no questions? spent i think he did an excellent job. >> thank you. [applause] >> there's a question here, maura. >> my question was, what was the best story you didn't print? [inaudible] spent i don't know. the best story i didn't print. i think i got the good ones in there. i think i got it done. sorry. that's a good question though. anyone else? [inaudible] >> know. i lost enough of my life and have to start dying my hair. know, but it was really fun to be a part. i heard ari today can we talked about preserving the voices of elders, and that is really, really important and i was so happy i got to do that. you know, it's your history. it's a part of
in leaves the past behind to become an enlightened education independent man of the world. a man of books, and men of learning, a man of science, a man of papers, a man of letters, a spectacle. 1771 the year benjamin franklin sent his sister jane eyeglasses is the year he began writing the story of his life. it wasn't published until his death in 1790 the benjamin franklin's autobiography is one of the most important autobiographies ever written. it helped invent the word. the word autobiography wasn't coined until 1770. his was a private life made public. it's also an allegory about america. the story of a man is the story of the nation, self-made, rags to riches, the story of america, a spectacle for all the world to see. in that story, he left his sister out. never once did he so much as mention her. where does that leave her unfortunate biographer? 1/2 of the world does not know how the other half lives franklin once wrote. his sister i think is his other half and is his life as an allegory, so is hers but an allegory for what? her life was not a spectacle. many of you have never hear
as well as a good education. and for the future of this country. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and just really that you are supporting affordable housing for folks like me that don't have a really high income. p [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> thank you and good night. >> i am a parent advocate and i could tell you the stories about the families that i work with, but instead of that i want you to remember that working families are the back bone of this city. and many of you here don't know what it means to be in the situation of having snaoe stable housing and maybe if you knew, you can hurry up and vote. and so, i just want you to, and i just wanted to urge you to do the right thing. and make the affordable housing possible for more people in this city. thank you. >> i am an organizer and i am here because we are living in a housing crisis, this is ridiculous, like i don't know anybody who can afford, 2,000 for a studio, and i don't know anybody, i don't know if i have met anybody. and so i think that it is really important to acknowledge what the city has made real
francisco for 20 years, and i want to thank the board of education, and all of the public officials for addressing this really important issue today. i also grew up in public schoolss here in san francisco and i want to say that it has been my personal perspective and experience that i think that a lot of people here will share is that i have never seen such a huge percentage of sfusd students commuting from out of the city. and into the public schools. there are a large number of students that are using san francisco addresses but they are come froming richmond, i had a friend who had a commute from the station, from the board station to richmond and another almost an hour and from richmond to his house, almost another 45, and you know what i mean and so this does mean trouble for the district because it means that we could lose the student attendance revenue and we are losing student attendance revenue and we have been losing it and so i think that it is absolutely an amazing proposal and turn the mission over to the city so that we can build the affordable housing and i get reall
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